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The Wonder Years..

The best and most nostalgic TV series (1988-1993, US) I have ever seen. Kevin, Winnie still make me cry, sad and happy. We really miss this kind of series now a days. Truely evergreen!!! Few related links,


A very good article on enterprise-architechture,

My XLRI Interview Experience

Just thought of posting it here also in case in future it helps somebody. The result was WL-23 and I was sure that it will convert and so it was. However didn't join the course due to several reasons - placement stats was not clear an was not sure whether ROI was justified. But again it was also true that this was the best opportunity to learn which I had given away. Not sure whether this decsion of not joining will haunt me always.

At last My Intv experience!! It is pending for long, so finishing in haste before I go to sleep, please forgive me for the delay. ((btw.. I am an extraordinarily ordinary IT 7+, starting from secondary to GMAT, only good thing is a lot of awards for my EC).

Three professors (one lady), Jamshedpur, one fine morning...

P. So you have worked for two great companies - X and Y, how do you think those are different?
P. What was the rev of X in last Qtr?
P. Why despite of getting …

Deja Vu - SIT 1st Reunion

Still remember in 2003, when India lost to Australia and the hostel was deep down in frustration. After 8 years, the cycle seems to be completed- India won against Srilanka and I came back at SIT as 'Guest of Honour' on 3rd April, 2011!! In between I had 8 years of diverse experience across 4 organizations. It was real honour, things have changed so much, you can not recognize the college boundary, but SHI-UM is still there, now 3rd year hostel! Organizers had done great job considering this was the first reunion. Opening of alumni website by me was also an unique experience which I can never forget.

Here goes the pictures,


Finished AOL Part-1 course(25th - 27th March, and follow up on 4th Apr), really a nice experience. The breadthing techniques - Sudarshan Kriya is really very innovative - it really helps in reducing stress, increasing hapiness. Now the Sadhana should be practiced everyday with 100% commitment for desired outcome.

Libiya and UN

Libya - Gaddafi says protesters deserve to die and his son warns of a river of blood, UN, though it invaded Iraq on the slightest provocation of 'Weapon of Mass Destruction' (which was never found) now doing nothing to stop this atrocity, this is a shameless stand.