My XLRI Interview Experience

Just thought of posting it here also in case in future it helps somebody. The result was WL-23 and I was sure that it will convert and so it was. However didn't join the course due to several reasons - placement stats was not clear an was not sure whether ROI was justified. But again it was also true that this was the best opportunity to learn which I had given away. Not sure whether this decsion of not joining will haunt me always.

At last My Intv experience!! It is pending for long, so finishing in haste before I go to sleep, please forgive me for the delay. ((btw.. I am an extraordinarily ordinary IT 7+, starting from secondary to GMAT, only good thing is a lot of awards for my EC).

Three professors (one lady), Jamshedpur, one fine morning...

P. So you have worked for two great companies - X and Y, how do you think those are different?
P. What was the rev of X in last Qtr?
P. Why despite of getting so many awards in X, you shifted to Y?
P. What was the difference between recesson in Country X and India?
P. What is your awarness about Indian and World history and current affairs?
Now, surprisingly next 6-8 questions were only on history and not a single CA!!!!
P. History Q - American Civil War, Indian Freedom Movement, 2nd World War, May Day etc etc (60% Hit I can say).
P. Ok now about IT - now some Technology related questions as that is my domain. Again 60% hit, few of the terms I came across for the first time!!!!).
P. What do you do in your free time? (Told Reading Books)
P. Oh great -, have you read the book 'XYZ'?
P. what are the differences between the Characters X and Y in the book, any similarity with any Indian literature?
P. How XLRI can help you to achieve your goals? (basically at last, why MBA, and no cross question this time).
P. One more Q on essays, this time a lot of strong negative logic from the profs.
THANK YOU!!!! So it ends..

25 Mins gone, to me it was Ok, was satisfied, (though as always I think it could have been better), but the same feel-good factor I had after IIMB intv too , so not hoping too much, just back to work and some browsing of pagalguy to keep the excitement alive. Thanks to you all for your help.

Moral of The Story: Before You Open Your Mouth, be honest to yourself, don't claim you know something which you don't, it seems the professors know everything under the Sun.

May the worthy get what they deserve. AMEN!

ATB to you all from the core of my heart



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