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My Quotes!!

"How many mistakes God makes for every 1000000 decisions? Looking at the suffering of many good people it seems more than 3. That's why according to the quality vocabulary I think HE is NOT SIX SIGMA Compliant and process improvement measurement in heaven is need of the hour in this Christmas!! " ... Ahirjoy Biswas [1980 - 20??] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Whenever you feel shy to do something which you like from your heart thinking about what others will say, just remember in 100 years you and all your 1000 observers will be dead! So let's do what matters most to YOU.. live every moment while you are not dead!!" ... Ahirjoy Biswas [1980 - 20??] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Why somebody wish to live for 100 years to enjoy life when he can enjoy 100 lives in every moment? " .. Ahirjoy Biswas [1980 - 20??] ---------------------------------…

The Wonder Years..

The best and most nostalgic TV series (1988-1993, US) I have ever seen. Kevin, Winnie still make me cry, sad and happy. We really miss this kind of series now a days. Truely evergreen!!! Few related links,

During the Journey of My Life, Career Choice was so Confusing!!

Very true! When I look back at my life, it is really amusing to see how many options I had opted, but the good thing was, each path had its own reward. 1. GATE - For higher technical studies 2. DRDO - Was selected in written test and appeared for 1.5 hour interview in B'lore 3. GMAT - Got interview calls from IIMB and XLRI for 1 Year courses, was even selected in XLRI but could not take brave decision which clould have been transformed waitlisted 23 - to final list. However, the destiny was for IT and so I am here today :-),

Sin - A Poem Dedicated To AMRI Victims in Kolkata, in Dec, 2011

It was not your time... But you had to go... It was our time to be there... But we remain deaf... Just one thought.. when you shouted in pain in fire... "Oh God, what is my sin.". Whether the sin was more than us who left you helpless to die? - Ahirjoy Biswas