Top Three Entrepreneurship Courses in India

The enthusiasm for entrepreneurship is ever growing. However though it is debatable whether formal education really is a prerequisite to be an entrepreneur, we can at least say there is no harm if you start your entrepreneurial journey with some formal education about business.

There are plethora of choices exist now for entrepreneurship courses, I am highlighting few of those which have created their marks already. SIBM  2 Year MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship – This is a formal full time MBA course taught in the same prestigious SIBM Pune campus. Aspirants have to appear for  CAT, however general cutoff for this course is much lower (65% - 75%) compared to SIBM Pune’s flagship MBA BM course where cut off is around 98%. Course fee is around 15 lakhs and no placement is provided to the students to encourage entrepreneurship. TISS  2 Year MA in Social Entrepreneurship – This is one of the most sought-after full time course on Social Entrepreneurship started by one of the most resp…

When You are Without a Job

Co-Parenting With Alexa

The division between Science Fiction Movies and reality is getting thinner with every passing day thanks to AI and Machine Learning! For our children questions won't be " Should we trust Robots"? but "Do we trust them too much"?

Free Courses on Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning

Though free, the below websites/materials are very useful for gaining knowledge related to recent technical developments, try these for free,




4. Machine Learning - Stanford University by Andrew Ng (One of the best)

5. Edx - Introduction to AI - Azure by Microsoft


Good Business Resources

Here are few excellent websites for business savvy users,

1. BusinessWeek
2. Economist
3. MIT Open Courseware
4. and suggested books,
7. Crackverbal

One Year Executive MBA in India

Though relatively new, since last decade the concept of one year executive MBA (full time) is gaining momentum in India. These programs usually requires 2-7 years of experience and costs a fortune (around 7 lakhs for K J Somaiya to 17 lakhs for SPJain to as high as 33 lakhs+ for ISB). Few of the reputed Executive courses are listed below,

AMBA Accredited:
6. SPJain - PGPM (PGDM Executive)
7. XLRI - PGDM(GM), formerly GMP
8. ISB
9. MDI Gurgaon - NMP
10. IMI Delhi - ExecutiveMBA

Not AMBA Accredited Yet but institutes have reputation for their 2 year flagship MBA programs

11. IIM Shillong
12. IIM Udaipur (Supply Chain with dual degree - MS with Purdue University, USA)
13. IMT
14. K J Somaiya - PGDM (Executive)
15. Great Lakes

New entrants focusing on one year MBA and bui…

Shiva Trilogy Review

Review of Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi: ---------------------------------------------------- Finished reading all three books of Amish Tripathi's Shiva Trilogy. They are simply Outstanding! Truely Amish deserves the comparison with Paulo Cohello. His storytelling skills mixed with his immense knowledge on Indian mythology and Hinduism created nothing but magic. The trilogy is about how an ordinary Tribal lead (Shiva) from Tibet became the God Neelkanth/Mahadev by his Karma. The story revolves around defeating evils but just like a great writer Amish has revealed the suspense in the second part only that actual evil is not the tribal Nagas, but it is the once good "Somras" which was creating disaster in the form of contamination. The first part was excellent in depicting few outstanding characters - Sati - Shiva's love and a woman with highest dignity and courage, Parveteswar - the noble general of Meluha, Ayurvati - the Mewluhan chief doctor, Shiva himself. Se…