Saturday, October 14, 2017

Co-Parenting With Alexa

The division between Science Fiction Movies and reality is getting thinner with every passing day thanks to AI and Machine Learning! For our children questions won't be " Should we trust Robots"? but "Do we trust them too much"? 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Free Courses on Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning

Though free, the below websites/materials are very useful for gaining knowledge related to recent technical developments, try these for free,




4. Machine Learning - Stanford University by Andrew Ng (One of the best)

5. Edx - Introduction to AI - Azure by Microsoft



Good Business Resources

Here are few excellent websites for business savvy users,

1. BusinessWeek
2. Economist
3. MIT Open Courseware
4. and suggested books,
7. Crackverbal


Thursday, September 28, 2017

One Year Executive MBA in India

Though relatively new, since last decade the concept of one year executive MBA (full time) is gaining momentum in India. These programs usually requires 2-7 years of experience and costs a fortune (around 7 lakhs for K J Somaiya to 17 lakhs for SPJain to as high as 33 lakhs+ for ISB). Few of the reputed Executive courses are listed below,

AMBA Accredited:
6. SPJain - PGPM (PGDM Executive)
7. XLRI - PGDM(GM), formerly GMP
8. ISB
9. MDI Gurgaon - NMP
10. IMI Delhi - ExecutiveMBA

Not AMBA Accredited Yet but institutes have reputation for their 2 year flagship MBA programs

11. IIM Shillong
12. IIM Udaipur (Supply Chain with dual degree - MS with Purdue University, USA)
13. IMT
14. K J Somaiya - PGDM (Executive)
15. Great Lakes

New entrants focusing on one year MBA and buiding their reputation rapidly,

16. Crescent School of Business, Chennai
17. NCU School of Leadership, Gurgaom
87. SOIL (School of Inspirational leadership)

Considering the cost of these MBAs, candidates who want to explore opportunities in Asia can also explore the below very good Universities in Singapore too as the competition is little less there and cost component is also similar to Indian one year MBAs (though living cost needs to be added in your ROI calculation),

1, NTU
2. NUS
3. SMU

Further Reading:

Friday, September 6, 2013

It was really sad that coward Talibans killed unarmed Bengali writer Sushmita Bnerjee in Afgnishtan, but in our own country these Panchayats are regularly giving verdicts for honour killings, rape and inhuman verdicts like these. They are no superior than cruel Talibans and must be punished strictly as examples.
"The best way to not regret for a lost thing is to stop looking for it!" ... Ahirjoy Biswas [1980 - 20??]