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Wikleaks and Cloud Computing

After long time, I have found really something interesting to blog about. As we all know wikileaks after exposing several highly confidental documents now facing several attempts, specially from US enforcements agencies to stop its working. After facing several 'Service Denial' attempts, wikileaks yesterday relied on Amazon to host its sevice over its cloud.

Now what happened after that was a real unfortubate thing. Amazon simply backed off under pressure only after few hours of hosting the applicaton.

Now we talk so much about the advantages of cloud computing - less headache for customers, low cost etc etc. But what about this, provider terminating the agreement at such short notice without paying any attenion to the client's situation?

Ok, I can agree there were several serious legal issues involved, but don't you think this has set a very bad preceedence? Cloud providers sighting this incidence can back off again in future even over less important issues according to …