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Shiva Trilogy Review

Review of Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi: ---------------------------------------------------- Finished reading all three books of Amish Tripathi's Shiva Trilogy. They are simply Outstanding! Truely Amish deserves the comparison with Paulo Cohello. His storytelling skills mixed with his immense knowledge on Indian mythology and Hinduism created nothing but magic. The trilogy is about how an ordinary Tribal lead (Shiva) from Tibet became the God Neelkanth/Mahadev by his Karma. The story revolves around defeating evils but just like a great writer Amish has revealed the suspense in the second part only that actual evil is not the tribal Nagas, but it is the once good "Somras" which was creating disaster in the form of contamination. The first part was excellent in depicting few outstanding characters - Sati - Shiva's love and a woman with highest dignity and courage, Parveteswar - the noble general of Meluha, Ayurvati - the Mewluhan chief doctor, Shiva himself. Se…