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My XLRI Interview Experience

Just thought of posting it here also in case in future it helps somebody. The result was WL-23 and I was sure that it will convert and so it was. However didn't join the course due to several reasons - placement stats was not clear an was not sure whether ROI was justified. But again it was also true that this was the best opportunity to learn which I had given away. Not sure whether this decsion of not joining will haunt me always.

At last My Intv experience!! It is pending for long, so finishing in haste before I go to sleep, please forgive me for the delay. ((btw.. I am an extraordinarily ordinary IT 7+, starting from secondary to GMAT, only good thing is a lot of awards for my EC).

Three professors (one lady), Jamshedpur, one fine morning...

P. So you have worked for two great companies - X and Y, how do you think those are different?
P. What was the rev of X in last Qtr?
P. Why despite of getting …