Leadership - Qualities of a Great Leader

I remember long back a presentation of Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam who was the president of India then and Mr. Sam Palmisano, the CEO of IBM, visited IBM India and met the president at that function in Bangalore. He was asked about the qualities of a great leader, I really liked the answer of this great man who himself had pioneered many ground-breaking projects in DRDO for years.

1) A leader has to be truly a leader i.e. he needs to show the way, you can not expect to earn respect by simply telling 'this is not my job'. He should fight with his army, sometimes with more enthusiasm! Now - isn't that beautiful?

2) A leader has to be honest, he needs to set a realistic target and should not build castle in the air. In the long run all tall-talks never work.

3) He should be a good human being. Well, nobody is perfect, but if you are a nice human being it will automatically reveal your good qualities to your team. A team is always more productive when somebody think about the team members with empathy and not as a revenue earning machine.


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